CabTxt – Text 612-888-8888 to book a cab

  • Fill out the form below and we will make you a “Gold” customer, giving you priority for the closest cab when a booking is made.
  • Enter each pickup address you want saved to your mobile phone number with a unique name (i.e. Home, Work, Gym, Bar, etc.).
  • Then you can text “Home” or “Work” to 612-888-8888 to make a booking.
  • Text “Where” to check the status and receive a reply text with an update including the cab number.
  • Text “Cancel” if you wish to cancel the booking.

Click Here to see a list of public places that you can text to 612-888-8888 to book a cab.

To set up CabTxt, complete the information below or email us at

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Do you want to manage your own pickup addresses/locations?

  • Register through our online system to create favorite locations to be used with CabTxt.
  • A favorite can store a passenger name, phone number and pickup address. A destination address can also be added.
  • Text the name you choose for each favorite (i.e. Home, Work, Gym, Store, Bar, Home to Work, etc.) to 612-888-8888 to make a booking.

Click here to Register or Log In to set up CabTxt favorites.